Five years after The Calamity brought an end to what is now known as The War of Ruin, the continent of ??? is finally starting to recover. The kingdom of Omaria has fallen into disarray as The Calamity claimed the life of Mad King Emeric. While the 4 noble houses of Omaria fight to take control, the city-states of the Freelands have started to flourish. Understanding the threat of warring among themselves, a non-aggression treaty has been recently signed by the leaders of the Freelands. Having neither the desire nor the means to maintain military forces the treaty established the founding of an Adventurer’s Guild, allowing freelance adventurers to take up dangerous tasks for fame and profit.

You, and your party, are one of the first adventurer’s to register with the guild. In fact the first, and only, adventurers to register in Exile’s Refuge. You’ve been given your first task, to take care of bandits plaguing the town of Millfield.

A new day has dawned, and new heroes and challenges arise from the Ashes of Omaria.

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The Ashes of Omaria