The most common race. They can be found everywhere except for the heart of the Elven empires, though many were once concentrated in the Kingdom of Omaria. After The Calamity many relocated to The Freelands.


An ancient race who claim to be decended from the gods themselves, they tend to see themselves as above the other races. Though not all elves feel this way, with a few Elvish towns existing near and alongside Human and Dwarven civilizations.


Natural born artisans, and culturally devout followers of Aryllai. Large Dwarven civilizations tend to keep to themselves, only really leaving to sell their goods. However it is not uncommon to find wandering Dwarves taking up new homes in larger cities as smiths and priests.


While being mostly known as seafaring traders, some have made a name for themselves as adventurers and explorers. Their extensive federation of corporations has lead to an intense spirit of friendly competition between members of different trade families. Despite the cutthroat political competition of their corporate leaders, most Halflings are extremely friendly.


A strong and honorable race. They are usually devout followers of Koud and believe that it is noblest to die in battle. Nobody's exactly sure of their origins, but many believe that they were created from the experiments of ancient wizards to create powerful guards.


Extensive tinkerers, and natural mages. While mostly living among Humans, a group of Gnomes recently started to create a home of their own in The Freelands. Even going so far as to be able to strike very good deals with a local Dwarven nation.


As per the book


While known to be reliable mercenaries, Half-Orcs are usually treated with some suspicion by local populations.


Treated as lower class citizens, not quite hated but definitely not loved


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